Sunday, March 30, 2014

Elevating the Bayonne Bridge and the Transportation Infrastructure

Elevating the Bayonne Bridge and the Transportation Infrastructure: "Politicians have decided to spend $1.3 billion on an 83 year old bridge between Staten Island, NY and Bayonne, NJ.

Because the Panama Canal is the reason, $1.3 billion makes sense.

During 2015 or perhaps later if construction delays continue, the Panama Canal will be wider. An expanded Panama Canal means newer bigger ships can use it to travel from Asia to the US East coast. Called Post Panamax, these gargantuan cargo vessels are 54 feet wider and 235 feet longer than the last generation of large ships.

The problem for the Bayonne Bridge is that the Post Panamax cannot squeeze below the roadway. Even now, some large ships have to fold their masts and wait for low tide before crossing. With an opportunity cost of $20 billion in cargo from Asia that would be sacrificed, the NY and NJ Port Authority said, “raise the bridge.”"