Thursday, December 31, 2015

The Panama Connection

HOIST Magazine: "One of the most significant is a major reconfiguration of the Bayonne port Global terminal, one of five terminals in the New Jersey/New York port complex which services one of the largest markets in the US with a catchment of around 30M.
The terminal, appropriately operated by Global Container Terminals, is the only one on the outside of the Kill Van Kull, the main channel passing into the large Newark and Port Elizabeth area. Sitting on the end of the Bayonne peninsula it is the only terminal unaffected by a headroom restriction for ships passing under the famous Bayonne bridge which connects New Jersey to Staten Island.
A $1.2bn project is underway to reconfigure the bridge which will lift its road deck 20m to give a navigational clearance of 66.1m by late 2017, but until than GCT has a significant competitive edge says the GCT project manager for new terminal Rich Ceci. "We are the only terminal that will take the big Suez and new Panama ships" he says. Water draft is being increased to 15.2m and a new marine to rail transshipment zone is part of the works."