Thursday, December 29, 2016

Verrazano lane closures show MTA just doesn't care (commentary) "It almost seems futile to complain. Because what has complaining gotten us in the past? Nothing. Entities like the MTA and Department of Transportation, both city and state, probably figure that when it comes to anything related to traffic, Staten Islanders are just going to complain anyway, so why should we listen to what they have to say? Let's just do whatever we need to do. Here's why they should listen: Because we're the ones paying the freight. Particularly when it comes to the Verrazano, the toll money from which is used to subsidize the Long Island Railroad and Metro-North. And because we're the ones who are vitally dependent on the Verrazano, like we're vitally dependent on the other three Staten Island spans. After all, we are an island. There's no other way for us to drive off the borough. It's not like this everywhere. In a show of motorist consideration, the project to raise the Bayonne Bridge is being suspended so the bridge can stay open around the clock this holiday season."