Sunday, September 18, 2016

FMC Commissioner Doyle Addresses Hanjin

FMC Commissioner Doyle Addresses Hanjin: "With respect to empties there is a problem with the vessel HANJIN MIAMI that is afloat outside of the Port of New York and New Jersey. The vessel is scheduled to be unloaded at the Maher Terminal. The MIAMI, provided there is funding to unload the ship, could indeed be unloaded at Maher. However, there are so many disputes right now attached to empty containers that the terminal is not going to load the empties back onto the ship. And, if the empties cannot be reloaded on the vessel, then the ship will not be able to depart the harbor because it would not have the air clearance to navigate under the Bayonne Bridge-- even at a dead low tide. The empties act as additional ballast weighting the ship down so it can navigate under the bridge. One solution discussed could be that empty containers owned or controlled by other ocean carriers could be loaded on the MIAMI."